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descended onto Ghayda's clitoris. Then she closed her lips upon her rosebud and sucked it lovingly. Ghayda placed her palms upon the queen's buttocks, arched her back, and closed her eyes. She opened her mouth wide and screamed in ecstasy.

Hani wrapped his hand around the shaft of his penis and stroked it. For some time, he watched the two women as they pleasured each other. As he did so, he masturbated faster until, at last, he sprayed a tremendous load of semen into the water.

The wasp queen raised her face from Ghayda's pubis and smiled at him. Lifting herself from the divan, she reentered the water, walked toward Hani, and wrapped her arms around him. Then she kissed him passionately and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She began to walk him backward toward the edge of the pool. As they progressed, she slid her hand down his abdomen, grasped his penis, and began to stroke it lovingly. When they reached the edge of the pool, she whispered a command in his ear. Hani obeyed and sat on the rim of the pool with his legs dangling in the water. The queen parted his thighs, lowered her face between them, and wrapped her lips around his glans. For several moments, she fellated him slowly and intensely. Hani placed his hands on her head, turned his face up to the ceiling, and uttered "Oh!" His penis spasmed in her mouth and released another load of semen, which the queen happily swallowed.

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