Hotel Desire, 2011, German erotic short drama film written/directed Sergej Moya. Star: Saralisa Volm

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Hotel Desire is a 2011 German erotic short drama film written and directed by Sergej Moya. It follows a morning and the life of a single mother in Berlin who has trying to manage her life with balancing with care for her young son, but facing difficulties and almost forgot her personal needs during managing the consequences of her own life. Her job is in a hotel, she is spending her life with no expectations for herself and spent almost 7 years with no man in her life after having separated from her child’s father. Suddenly a VIP person who is staying the same hotel she is doing her work and he appears in front of her in unusual way. She is unable to resist her feelings which have already been locked in for seven years.

Movie information
Title Hotel Desire
Directed by Sergej Moya
Writing Credits Sergej Moya
Saralisa Volm,
Clemens Schick,
Jan-Gregor Kremp,
Herbert Knaup,
Frederick Lau,
Palina Rojinski,
Trystan Pütter,
Produced by Julia Lischinski, Sascha Schwingel, Christopher Zwickler,
Music by Stefan Maria Schneider Cinematography by Armin Franzen
Film Editing by Benedikt Hugendubel
Production Companies:
Von Fiessbach Film
teamWorx Television & Film
Release Date Germany 7 December 2011 (Berlin) (premiere)

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