Palm Swings – Short Film

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A bisexual couple take a romantic getaway to the desert, which is turned upside down by a too-clingy vacation rental host and an impromptu threesome with a male friend. Feelings are hurt, tensions rise, chaos reigns…and that’s all before they find a dead body in the pool.

Whitney Moore
Bree Essrig
Nathaniel Moore
Chelsea Frank

Directed by Marques Mallare

Written by Whitney Moore

Executive Produced by Brandon Dermer, George Neinhuis, Whitney Moore and Bree Essrig

Produced by Marques Mallare and Deangelo Harding

Cinematography by Deangelo Harding

Edited by Kyle Boston

Sound mixing by Nathan Ipanag

Original score by Kyle Lane

Sound design by Christian Deutsch

Additional edits by Marques Mallare, Deangelo Harding, and Whitney Moore

VFX by Mike Diva and Bobby Hacker

Color Design by RKM Studios

“Good Times”
performed by Yukon Blonde,
Dine Alone Records
Written by Jeff Innes, James Bull, Brandon Scott, Graham Jones, Rebecca Gray
By courtesy of CCS Rights Management Corp.

performed by B11CE

“Kingdom Come”
Performed by Jeffertitti

Performed by Natey and Subi

“Feeling Good”
performed by Black Mekon,
PNKSLM Records

“Kern Hotel” font by Kern Club

“Cinematografica” font by Zeta fonts


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