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Shame Movie Explained In Hindi / Urdu
Shame (2011) Hollywood Film
Summarised with a full ending in Hindi Urdu explanation.
Shame Drama/Erotic

Successful and handsome New Yorker Brandon (Michael Fassbender) seems to live an ordinary life, but he hides a terrible secret behind his mask of normalcy: Brandon is a sex addict. His constant need for gratification numbs him to just about everything else. But, when Sissy (Carey Mulligan), Brandon’s needy sister, unexpectedly blows into town, crashes at his apartment and invades his privacy, Brandon is finally forced to confront his addiction head-on.

Release date: January 13, 2012 (United Kingdom)


Director: Steve McQueen

Starring: Michael Fassbender; Carey Mulligan

Music by: Harry Escott

Produced by: Iain Canning; Emile Sherman

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